Pro Flight Simulator Review

Pro Flight Simulator Review

I have always wanted to be a professional pilot however I realized a long time ago that it never going to happen. However, I found that even if I could not become a real pilot there was always the alternative of becoming a pilot in a virtual flight simulator.

By investing a small amount of money (compared to flight school) I could live my dream with Pro Flight Simulator; I believe this is by far the closest thing you will ever come to actually flying the real thing!

My Pro Flight Simulator Review starts with picking the plane you want to fly. In this instance, the simulation is almost better than the real thing because you have a variety of aircrafts to choose from, whereas in real life I would be severely limited in my choices. The game has some 120 options.

While flying your chosen aircraft, you will need to take account of changing weather conditions. The weather in Pro Flight Simulator changes just like in real life. You get clouds, sunshine, pouring rain; if it happens in real life then you will see it happening in the game! It’s that realistic and goes a long way towards making the game feel authentic.

Once you master the weather patterns, you can fly and explore for hours, but a word of caution: time passes in the game just like it does in real life too. This means if you’ve been playing for twelve hours, you will notice the sun start to set or rise. It’s that close to a real life virtual flight simulation game.

An important point i should mention in this Pro Flight Simulator Review is that the game also gets regularly updated with new technology, new topography and new planes. So, the game stays fresh and playable no matter how much time you devote to it. It would be great if you could be a real life pilot and travel all around the world but if you are like me, and have a keen interest in flying, get the game as it’s the next best thing to actually flying a real aircraft.

Now, a game like this does come with a few disadvantages. It is a sizeable download that will give anyone with a slow internet connection a headache and the extensive options may feel overwhelming to a new player, to name a few. However, balance these against the benefits of the game, which include perhaps the closest simulation to actual flying you will likely encounter, fantastic level bonuses and unlimited free upgrades makes Pro Flight Simulator a must have game.